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Me Not You

Reckoning 1‘ EP


words by tom johnson

Reckoning 1, the debut EP from Me Not You is a collection of songs about the city – their city – which just so happens to be New York City, however this isn’t a rehash of the same old tired cliches that have peppered pop music since time immortal. This is distinctly their own view of that weird, husking, dirty, magnificent place; the dark streets that thread through it and the characters that drop in and out of focus along the way and how those things impact their own view of life there.

That they wrap such sentiments up inside six gnarly indie-pop songs almost makes the subject matter itself irrelevant, such is the rewarding immediacy of their compositions, however you’re always consumed by the idea that one couldn’t exist without the other; a symbiotic relationship between New York and this band, as steadfast as the relationship that place seems to have with anyone who lives there, for a while at least.

Lead track Bulletproof remains the gleaming highlight of the pack, drifting between tender proclamations and something altogether more gritty, and that sense of valiant adventure remains a key aspect to their work, whether it manifests itself through the quieter moments of restraint, such as the shaded closing track “Second Chances” or the more polished and soaring pop moments found on the likes of “Relief” that send the band down different avenues once again.

The full six-track EP is released today – stream it in full below right now.



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