by Tom Johnson

You may well think that there isn’t much a band can say across the space of just three tracks, but London-duo JOHN prove that – and a whole lot more – on their emphatic new EP, which we’re unveiling below. Released next week via the brilliant Brain Wave, this short but infinitely sharp debut collection expands on the slow-build acclaim that has permeated from the band throughout 2014.

The EP explodes from the get-go; a cacophony of riffs tumbling from every corner of ‘Homme D’affaires‘, fighting for space with the protracted vocals which somehow cut through the wall of noise to deliver sucker-punch after sucker-punch. In truth it’s probably not the best time to be a guitar-led duo, what with the runaway success of something similar over the past few weeks/months, but any comparisons to Royal Blood aren’t just lazy, they’re flat-out wrong. In fact, it’s the relentlessly scrappy approach of early Pulled Apart By Horses that is most brought to mind as ‘Big Game Tactics’ rockets its way through further combative poses. In fact, by the time ‘+‘ bids farewell with the most astute departures, you’ll give up on trying to find comparisons and bask only in the brilliance of that lies right in front of you. Dive right in.


Pre-order the EP, via Brainwave, here.

UK dates:

12th September – Birthdays w/ Talons

20th September – Southsea Festival


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