It’s not hard to see why Hibou’s first couple of tracks caused such a stir. Debut AA-single Glow/Hollow was just about as promising as first releases get, drawing comparisons with the likes of Wild Nothing and even The Cure. Then came Sunder, a free-wheelin’ ride through energetic guitar lines, soaked in sun and surf, with that care-free charm running throughout.

Now comes the full EP, Dunes – and it’s a revelation. Valium is Sunder’s counterpoint; a dreamy slow-jam through warped textural instrumentation and lyrics full of wistful romanticism’s. Elsewhere the stuttering percussion and vibrant guitars of Above Us mirrors Sunder’s glorious Summer glow, while the instrumental closing couple of minutes that bids the EP farewell is so gloriously rich and alive you’ll be wishing it to carry on for far longer than it does. A stellar debut release that marks Hibou as one of the most promising new acts around. Keep a very close eye indeed.

Stream the EP in full below and grab a ‘pay-what-you-want’ download via Bandcamp.


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