Benjamin Shaw | Goodbye, Cagoule World

by Tom Johnson

Music consumption shouldn’t always be easy. Sometimes we need to feel challenged; by the world around us, by other peoples worlds. It sounds mightily pretentious, of course, but that doesn’t make it any less true. The more time and energy we invest in to something, the more we get out in return. Benjamin Shaw’s music has always been a difficult ride. Insular, bare-boned and often riddled with self-deprecation, doubts, anger, regret, longing…and just about everything else that comes from living in a world that constantly shames and confronts, both on grand and minute scales. It’s also full of magic though. Not the kind that turns frogs in to princes or that allows you to fly among the stars, but the kind that suddenly makes you see customary things in a whole new light, that drapes an arm across your shoulders when there’s nobody else around, a quiet whisper in the ear telling you that, yes, life is fucking rough but not always, not every minute of every day.

Goodbye, Cagoule World is Benjamin Shaw’s brand new album, and you can stream it in full exclusively below.

Benjamin Shaw plays an album release show on April 29th

at Servant Jazz Quarters in London. Details here.

Goodbye, Cagoule World is released on April 21st, pre-order here.

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