Neuzugang Sofa-2




by tom johnson


“I’m a work in progress and I love it.”

The latest addition to Naim Recordings (ESKA, Guns), Stergin is a duo comprised of the multi-instrumentalist, boundary-pushing, genre-leaping, Vinzenz Stergin and the ever-fruitful Adam Betts who made his reputation as the greatest live drummer around™ in Three Trapped Tigers and, more recently, in Squarepusher’s live band, and today they unveil the first-step in their next chapter; the weird, warped, odd-pop spread of ‘Bloodmoon‘.

A track of two halves, the new song is characterised by Betts’ skittered drumming (“He’s like a wild beast but if you explore his playing a bit deeper, he’s quite sensitive,” says Vinzenz) which is initially set deep inside a distinct instrumental landscape, before Stergin’s voice brings a new level of clarity and shape to proceedings, leading the track in to far more formal territory while retaining the off-kilter atmosphere that swarms around the entire piece. The result is something strikingly unique; an offbeat departure from the day that hints at all manner of things to come. Check it out below.

‘Bloodmoon’ is released via Naim Recordings on 26th August


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