Don’t Dwell

by Star Parks

[GFP Premiere]


by tom johnson

As the likes of Kevin Morby, Whitney et al. make substantial waves through 2016 with their subtle deliverance of old-school aesthetics, Star Parks today join in with such finely-tuned antiquities with their beautifully vibrant new album, which is released this-coming Friday via the ever-faithful Paper Trail Records – and streaming in full on this very page from today.

Also carrying subtle nods to label-mates Cloud and Beach Moon/Peach Moon the nine-track Don’t Dwell‘ LP makes for the most hearty of summer soundtracks, bathing in all the intricacies of the season, from gleeful, jubilant expanses that appear like great stretches of open road, to the more restrained moments that take on far more imposing and stifling shapes.

Andy Bianculli’s rabidly bittersweet lead vocal is chief protagonist here, taking on the form of some lovelorn character in the great American heartland and, suitably, the record was penned during such a Texan occasion; the effect of which crawls through every inch of ‘Don’t Dwell‘ like a single bead of sweat on the most dust-dried of faces. Equally inspired by the classic rock of a now-departed age, it makes for a riotous and righteous trip; the kind of record that slowly digs away at you until you find yourself transported to the world it so faithfully depicts.

Inspired by “relationships and regrets and apologies associated with those relationships” this often-brilliant record feels like the summer’s ultimate calling-card; a wild, uninhibited romp through the very lands that so informed it.

Stream it in full below.

‘Don’t Dwell’ is released on May 13th, via Paper Trail Records

You can buy it here


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