Surrey five-piece, Stagecoach, are set to dominate the festival tents this year and no doubt add to their army of fans with the release of new E.P Crash My Ride. GFP caught up with the countryside guitar pop belters to talk festivals, E.Ps, John Wayne and…buses?!

Hi Stagecoach, how’re you?

I’d say good to soft, like a race course.

How’s the summer been going for you so far?

Pretty fun apart from the crappy weather I guess. We’ve played a couple of festivals and the best is yet to come with Reading, Leeds, End of the Road and Southsea. So stoked to see loads of our favourite bands and also play some of our own compositions.

What’s been the most exciting thing for you as a band so far this year?

Recording the EP and then seeing our labour come to fruition. The reviews have been out of this world. We weren’t sure how it would be received but it seems people really get it and are excited about us. We’ve grown a lot as a live band this year so it’s also cool to hear people talking about the concerts being fun and not just the cd.

Where did the name come from?

We wanted to name ourselves after a Western movie. We went for Stagecoach as it was the big man John Wayne’s first movie. We were completely naive to the bus company reference later coming to bite us in the ass. I get very excited when people say “Oh, like the movie” rather than the obvious bus stuff. High fives normally follow.

Your new Crash my Ride E.P is very long as far as E.Ps go – are you planning on releasing an album?

If this EP goes well and people like us enough then we’ll have a crack at a full length for sure. EP’s are a great way of giving people a taste of what you do but not too much. If people still want more after this then we’ll talk albums.

Why did you decide to change from making acoustic songs to guitar heavy ‘junk-pop’ tracks?

It was a natural progression, we’re still 50% acoustic in terms of the instruments we play. I love the acoustic side but also get excited by Slayer so I guess we’re always hunting for that middle ground. I think it’s a territory not many bands dare or perhaps wish to visit.

How would you describe your music to someone who’d never heard of you?

Someone recently described us as sounding like a 33rpm record played at 45. I’d say that’s about right although my vocals don’t sound like Mickey Mouse. It’s hugs and punches in equal measure.

Where do you take inspiration from lyrically?

All sorts really, I like to make a lot of direct references to pop culture in the same way hip-hop artists do. I hate really broad lyrics that can be interpreted to mean anything, like horoscopes, it’s just boring. I find Stephen Malkmus probably the most interesting lyricist of our time. He has an abstract humour that’s always entertaining.

Which festival do you look forward to playing most on a summer circuit?

Reading and Leeds can’t really be ignored as the line ups are always loaded with good stuff. This year will be our first time doing those so we’re mad stoked. I’d like to play an ATP if we could fit with what they were putting on. Of the smaller festivals Live at Leeds was awesome so we’d love to go back next year for that.

Tell GFP about your future plans?

More tours with bands we love, an album, America, Japan and all the good stuff in between.

*         *         *

Stagecoach will be playing the following UK dates:

5 Aug 2010 21:00
The Hippodrome W/Sky LarkinKingston, London, UK

27 Aug 2010 14:30
BBC Introducing StageReading, UK

29 Aug 2010 15:00
BBC Introducing Stage Leeds, UK

10 Sep 2010 19:00
End of the Road Festival Dorset, UK

18 Sep 2010 20:00
Southsea Fest (Alcopop/BSM Stage) Southsea, UK

25 Sep 2010 20:00
Underground Festival – Gloucester Guild HallGloucester, UK


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