Build Me Up (Buttercup)


by tom johnson

Cover versions are a funny old thing these days. Perhaps undone by the whole live-lounge generation, which strips some of the magic away by simply stripping the instrumentation away and showing that, hey, pop songs have a heart and soul too! In the right circumstances, however, they remain a thoroughly intriguing proposition, able to shine a different kind of light on sentiments we previously thought we understood.

Toronto’s STACEY does a wonderful job of such a thing on her striking new rendition of ‘Build Me Up (Buttercup)‘ and we’re sharing the stunning new video for the track today. Made from five rolls of Super-8 film, and shot in Toronto’s Darling Mansion by Laura-Lynn Petrick (Mac Demarco, Allah Lahs), it’s a seductive and utterly compelling counterpoint. “Laura-Lynn Petrick is a longtime collaborator,” STACEY says of the video. “I knew the Darling Mansion would be the perfect location, having lived there for about a month between apartments; the house is overflowing with magic.”

Led by the most alluring of vocals, the track adds a whole new wealth of depth and longing to the unashamedly vibrant original. “I love a lot of music from the 60s and Build Me Up (Buttercup) is an obvious classic from that era,” she says, of her choice in song. “The transformation that the song took really caught me off guard…the original lyrics and chord structure exist as such a stark dichotomy. It’s the song everyone gets up to dance and sing along to in celebration, even (ironically) at weddings. I had never considered it from this perspective before.”

Dark, brooding, and wonderfully intense throughout, you can listen and watch the whole thing below right now.



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