Spring Onion

I Did My Taxes For Free Online


words by tom johnson

From its tender-footed but playful opening, to the more poignant sigh of its closing track, Spring Onion’s new album offers the kind of wistful pop music that grips without any distinct rhyme or reason; its faint reflections on life and all of its building blocks, both big and beautifully ordinary, managing to draw you deep in to its world without you barely even noticing, bridging that shady gap between fun and endearing with significant serenity.

Spring Onion is the project of Catherine Dwyer, who is perhaps better known for her role as bass player in fellow GFP-faves Remember Sports, and new record ‘I Did My Taxes For Free Online’ calls upon the craft of both fellow RS bandmate Carmen Perry and Santi Suede’s Santi Slade, while cutting a distinct and personal path of its own.

Perhaps the record’s most endearing aspect is the juxtaposition between its ramshackle demeanour and the beautiful sincerity of its arrangements and composition. Rather than just sticking to a simple Casio beat throughout – which still would have brought these songs to life – Dwyer takes the eight tracks and lights them up with small touches of magic, from subtle synth flourishes to occasional aching pedal steel, all of which helps to create something altogether more affecting; little tricks of the light that seem to change colour each time you approach them.

Released today via Sleeper Records, Taxes is an inspired gem of a record – and we’re very pleased to present a full stream of the whole thing below right now. Have a listen here:



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