“From Snow to Palm Trees”

A South by South West photo story


introduction by sammy maine

main photo by phillip j randall // photo story by hayden sitomer

Half Waif’s latest EP form/a is pure magic. It’s resolute in its message and its imagery, interweaving metaphorical islands with moods that sit on the chest “heavy and warm”. The three-piece hailing from Brooklyn, New York have long held our hearts and we’re certain that something within you will stir during the opening moments of “Severed Logic” or the poignant, moving lyricism in “Frost Bite”. The percussive textures and haunting segments that flow throughout each song prove their talents in crafting something with a story; dynamically evolving through every bar, shifting and turning through every bridge. We asked the band – Nandi Rose Plunkett, Zack Levine and Adan Carlo – to document their personal perspective of their time at this year’s South by South West festival through a photo essay. Here you’ll find the beauty in the every day, in the small moments we never notice but often miss the most in hindsight.

“I had a dream that I wasn’t me and I was okay with that”


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