“Something Left To Love”

A compilation by GoldFlakePaint


words by tom johnson

GoldFlakePaint turned seven years old this weekend, and while these anniversaries are somewhat arbitrary they act as appropriate moments of reflection, more for us than you; a small notch of space in the relentlessness of keeping this thing moving forwards, and a time to look at where we are now while remember the things we’ve done. We don’t acknowledge them to back-slap ourselves, or at least we don’t mean to, but ruminating on where these anniversaries find us is an important part of staying on track, and then investigating new tracks.

We remain, on an hourly basis, warmly humbled by people’s connection with what we do, be that the people who read and listen to things we post, new people who stumble upon us, or the artists and labels that trust us with their work. I started this site two-thousand-and-fifty-six days ago (!!) simply to do something with that strange little ball of energy that burst in to life when I found a new band to love, a new song to climb inside, a new record that could, literally and honestly, change a life – and, sometimes, instigate, and push for, change within towns, cities, and communities. Finding other people for which those things hold true was like discovering a whole new world, filled with so much sweet, fresh air to gulp down and share around.

The past week has been a particularly difficult one for many people who enjoy such landscapes. Despite it all, however, we continue to believe in art and music as a safe space, as a place to be open and embrace openness; as an anchor, a mouth-piece, a powerful force that can break down boundaries that have no place in reason while creating much-needed boundaries that offer hope and honesty and respite for those that need such things. Believing in such things means that there is always something left to love, always a new piece of music waiting in the shadows, ready to fan the embers of your day just when you need it the most.

And so thanks to you, for reading this and being here, old and new visitors alike. We have some very exciting plans we’re currently working on but in the meantime we’ll continue sharing music with you, day to day, in the hope that one of these songs reaches you whenever and however you need it the most.

On that note, here’s our latest compilation, a little gift from us to you, featuring twenty songs that lit up our own days over the past few months. You can stream it below in full right now and any money you want to exchange for these songs will be donated entirely to two charities: The Survivors Trust – a national umbrella agency with over 140 specialist organisations for supporting those who have experienced rape and sexual violence – and The Poverty Alliancewhich aims to “combat poverty by working with others to empower individuals and communities to affect change in the distribution of power and resources“.

Thank you from all of us here at GFP – we hope you enjoy the music…



1. Mothpuppy – Kilgore Falls (01:44)
2. Crumb – Vinta (04:59)
3. Mathew Lee Cothran – Cherry High (03:14)
4. Little Star – Calming Ritual #1 (02:47)
5. Hoop – To Know Your Tone (Ft. Allyson Foster) (02:40)
6. Brunch Club – Not Dead Yet (02:34)
7. Thanks For Coming – Losing Touch (02:29)
8. Julia Lucille – Let’s Climb Up On The Car (04:35)
9. Mat Riviere – Background (04:40)
10. Lawn – Familiar (03:42)
11. Blois – Water (03:06)
12. Furore – Hearts Will (02:13)
13. Fuvk – A Stream Of Consciousness (02:45)
14. Field Medic – Haunted, Haiku, Tattoo (03:19)
15. Saudade Sisters – Where Are You (04:07)
16. Ali Burress – Desert Dust (05:49)
17. Maggie – Ambiguity (03:10)
18. Nugget – Watermelon (02:03)
19. Savage Mansion – Bring Down The City Hall (03:25)
20. Hanging Stills – Green Interiors (04:48)



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