First Listen:


Forget Forgive


words by sammy maine

Dutch artist Someone returns with a vulnerable exploration of inner-turmoil on the gorgeous “Forget Forgive”. It’s a track that feels all-encompassing; suffocating in its introspection but ultimately detaching from its foreboding inspirations to bring forth a quiet reassurance. “It’s not black, it’s just the shade, just shadow,” she offers, providing an optimism in a space that can often feel hopeless and unweidly.

Recorded in just one night – from 11pm to 4am – at her home studio in Amsterdam, it seems fitting that “Forget Forgive” reaches a reprieve in its conclusion, akin to the sunrise after a darkened isolation. “It’s the most personal track I’ve written so far,” she explains. “Playing the song to other people actually always feels a bit icky, like reading an excerpt from my diary out in public. It’s super naked. It’s a really intimate lyric about battling some pretty nasty demons and, in overcoming them, figuring out the kind of person you want to be.”

“Forget Forgive” is a delicate lesson in the kind of comfort that can be achieved when we finally face ourselves. Listen to it below.



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