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Soft Fangs

The Wilderness

(Video Premiere)


by tom johnson

One of our favourite long-players to crawl out of the murky opening quarter of 2016, Soft Fangs’ ‘The Light’ remains a remarkably sobering listen, the kind of weary but heartfelt document that tends to stay with you as some kind of afterthought, like memories displaced perhaps or aimless stretches of time with nothing tangible to hold on to.

Released today, the new video for ‘The Wilderness‘ takes this idea as its base and expands in a variety of captivating ways. Filmed on a beach in Maine, it makes for an eerie companion piece to the warped and worrisome music that provides the film’s soundtrack. Subtle, subdued, and spiralling, you can cast your eyes over the beautifully intriguing new clip, beneath a little intro from the man behind the music, John Lutkevich:

“The video (which was shot in Owl’s Head, Maine) is based around aimlessness. When you’re a kid, you conjure up all sorts of imaginary things, purely because you’ve got nothing better to do. From aimlessness, something is created. I wanted to explore that, so we went to the beach with nothing planned & I dressed like a figment of my imagination. At the end of the day, we had a music video, and that seemed purposeful enough.”

‘The Light’ LP is out now – stream/download here



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