Soft Fangs

“Elephant Girl”


words by tom johnson

Released in early 2016, Soft Fangs’ ‘The Light’ LP was a somewhat grubby but always lovely collection of alt-folk, one that hung around in the shadow of Elliott Smith et al, trying quietly, soberingly to find a chink of light that would make it blossom in to its own leaving and breathing entity. And it did; remaining one of last year’s most slow-burning and endearing collection of songs. Great news then that John Lutkevich returns today with “Elephant Girl“, the first track to be taken from his brand new record, and streaming below alongside the news that his ‘Fractures‘ LP will be released on September 1st via Disposable America.

“The album varying in concept is precisely the concept, hence it’s title,” Lutkevich says of Fractures. “They are fractures from my life and other people’s. (It’s) a collection of songs that I wrote over the past year in fragments and then recorded in three days during a snowstorm in Maine. I wanted to take these songs that I’d written leisurely over the span of a year and then record them very quickly.”

Carrying that sense of something drawn-out and strung upon as well as a restless immediacy to spill it out in to the world, Elephant Girl is a gorgeous haze of a track, crafting a half-dream shadowiness that recalls Sparklehorse in his most linear form and balancing just the right amount of light and dark for the whole thing to fully intrigue as well as simply charm. It makes for a brilliantly solid starting-point, one that recalls the buried magic of that aforementioned LP while setting up this next chapter with a prickliness and eye-for-detail that lingers for long after its three-minutes are over.

Pre-order ‘Fragments’ on vinyl/tape/digital here



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