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New Music:

Slow And Steady

It’s Alright


words by tom johnson

At just three tracks, the new EP from Slow And Steady is a fleeting companion but one, also, that lingers. The opening two tracks are wonderfully warm, making good on the liner notes’ comparison to Andy Shauf and Randy Newman, that sense of wilted crooning slipping in to the new year with a sense of unhurried but endearing charm. Then comes the shift, the moment that makes the whole thing really stick.

A glowing four-minutes, the title track initially hints at much of the same balladry as its two predecessors, before a gentle guitar line fixes the gaze, and then the whole thing leaps in to life with an energy and mood quite removed from what’s come before. It’s an inspired shift, the track, all buzzing, wild eyes and heartening focus, positively leaping out of the speakers and in to the rush of the real world, that repeated guitar line weaving its way forward alongside infectious percussive sweeps and┬áJacob Lawter’s detailed but brilliantly free lead vocal which guides the whole thing forward, dramatic and direct.

Released via the ever-engaging Broken Circles label on January 26th, the new EP is a marked and compelling development – and you can stream its moody and brilliant title-track below right now.

‘It’s Alright’ EP is released on January 26th, via Broken Circles



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