DOWN TIME Sessions:


“BF Toadstool/Milk”


words by tom johnson

We’ve spent the last few months sharing special live sessions in association with our friends over at Small Pond Studios. Among the collection so far are Pile, Kevin Krauter, Bonniesongs, Vetiver, and more.

A little later than planned, we’re very pleased to today share a brand new DOWN TIME session, with this inventive live performance from Brighton-based experimental project Slugabed. While there’s much to be said about the performance, we’ll leave it to Greg Feldwick to introduce the session in a suitably unique style. Check it out below!

“Two friends, Greg Feldwick & Samuel Organ, wonder what they should do during a boring fall day in their town, Pitts Landing. After several proposals, the two agree to sneak into the mysterious Coffman House, an old dilapidated building that is said to be haunted. The building is also home to a strange man nicknamed Spidey. While exploring the basement, Greg finds a camera hidden inside a compartment in the wall. Greg is interested in photography, so he picks up the camera. He asks Samuel to pose for a picture. Samuel leans on a staircase railing. The moment Greg takes a photo, the railing breaks, and Samuel falls to the ground, hurting himself.”


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including Pile, Kevin Krauter, Vetiver, and more


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