Henrik Lindstrand


DOWN TIME sessions

by Small Pond / GFP


“I arrived at St Matthias Church early afternoon,” Henrik Lindstrand says, introducing our latest collaborative live session with Small Pond. “It was in the middle of March just before the lockdown, which now feels like ages ago. Kids were having their lunch break outside the school next to the church and if you listen carefully to the recording you can hear them in the background.”

Offering a beautiful escape from the current world, very much outside our windows, the new sessions makes for a very special four-minutes of neo-classical piano, courtesy of the Swedish composer.

“In contrast to the cheering outside, the inside of the church was very peaceful and calm,” he continues. “I hadn’t settled on which song to perform because I wanted to hear what the room was like and how it responded to the music. I ended up playing ‘Vaggvisa’ which is a lullaby. The slow movement of the piece fitted nicely with the acoustics of the church and I enjoyed every second playing there.”

You can check out the new session below right, and explore more of Henrik’s stunning music right here. Enjoy…




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