Where I Belong

[GFP Premiere]


by tom johnson

Just as the breeze itself starts to offer tempting hints of an approaching summer, so too the music takes on a brighter, more immediate gleam, all alive and kicking in the brightness of the day. Sego’s new track, Where I Belong, is the perfect example of such whimsical notions, chugging in to life like some sun-filled early morning adventure before the quiet unhurried magic slowly breathes an extra dash of life in to it all.

Lifted from the band’s forthcoming new album – the extravagantly titled ‘Once Was Lost Now Just Hanging Around‘ LP – the new cut finds the L.A duo in an almost contemplative state of mind; the languid sway of the guitars creating a dreamy sense of retreat from the harsh rush of the day. A hazy and often compelling sprawl, you can stream the new track below right now. The full album drops next month.

The band head to the UK this May, and play the following dates:

5/20 – Brighton, UK @ Great Escape (UTA Stage)
5/21 – Brighton, UK @ Great Escape (Hope & Ruin)
5/24 – London, UK @ Servant Jazz Quarters
5/26 – London, UK @ Oslo
5/27 – Manchester, UK @ Dot to Dot
5/28 – Bristol, UK @ Dot to Dot
5/29 – Nottingham, UK @ Dot to Dot


photograph by chris duce

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