After I’m Gone


by tom johnson

The press shot that accompanies the new track from Seaker depicts Kiran Hungin framed in a double exposure; two images interwoven, joined together to create something that exists now, but never existed in actuality. The relevance being that striking new track ‘After I’m Gone‘ – the latest in a line of beautifully promising stand-alone tracks – works in much same the way as this process.

Taken as separate entities, the two are full of idiosyncrasies. The production is gnarly and rugged; drifting guitar lines underpinned by more subtle dashes of colour that stand-out like streetlights against the prevailing colourless display. Then there’s the vocal, that vocal, that somewhat hovers above it all, a compelling, honeyed, pop drawl that can feel both lavish and affecting in much the same breath. You wouldn’t, perhaps, expect one from the other, and vice versa, yet here, overlapped, imprinted upon each other within the frame of quietly remarkable three-and-a-half minutes, they sit as one; warped, somewhat distorted, always intriguing, and absolutely, definitively substantial.

Listen below.


photograph by athina kontos

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