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Sarah Mary Chadwick

“At Your Leisure”


words by tom johnson

photograph by simon karis

It was only a little under a year ago that Sarah Mary Chadwick was racking up acclaim for, Please Daddy, the sixth album from the wonderfully idiosyncratic New Zealand born, Australia based songwriter. And yet, this February will see the release of Me And Ennui Are Friends Baby, another full-length effort, set for release via Ba Da Bing and Rice Is Nice.

Consistently demanding every ounce of your attention, Chadwick delivers her songs with a raw voice and a searing sense of honesty, and the new record takes those ingredients to new levels of captivation, comprised solely of minimal solo piano arrangements, which pushes the heavy subject matter here to the painstaking, pinpointed forefront. Written in the aftermath of a long term breakup and subsequent suicide attempt, as well as the death of both her father and a close friend, these songs are Chadwick’s reflection and reaction; an attempt to find a place for, well, her entire world.

New song ‘At Your Leisure’, which is streaming below from today, is a dogged account of an imbalanced relationship. “You are a holiday, I am a water slide,” Chadwick sings, her voice wavering over the gentle piano that drifts somewhere far, far below.

“This song acknowledges that I wasn’t powerless (in the relationship) – but that construction might’ve suited me at the time,” Chadwick explains of the song’s narrative. “But it’s important to recognise when I’m being lazy with my assessments of myself. Things being at someone else’s leisure can be hot and exciting sometimes. But also sometimes it’s a lot of lying in bed staring at the ceiling, looking at ur phone and feeling like you’re a fucking idiot,” she continues.

Understated and unflinching, it makes for a difficult but ultimately engrossing listen; like we could all learn a little something about ourselves by listening to the heaviest of hearts poured open. Listen below right now.

Rice Is Nice · ‘At Your Leisure’ by Sarah Mary Chadwick

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