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Sam Himself



words by sammy maine

Sam Himself has undergone a subtle transformation. While his 2016 EP leant itself to the croonings of Leonard Cohen et al, the Switzerland-born, NYC-based singer-songwriter has decided to crank things up a notch. New track “Nobody” – taken from his forthcoming EP of the same name – is a peppy, amped-up ballad that takes the feeling of never fitting in and turns it into a euphoric, universal anthem for the lonely and the lost.

Tapping into this melancholy is a witty new visual that pokes fun at the music video cliches of the 80s and journeys through the frustrations of trying to find your feet in a new environment. It looks through the changes we make when trying to fit in and how that ultimately heightens our disconnect. In the end though, it tells us that being ourselves is plenty enough.

“The song Nobody is about finding your feet in a new community in a new place, so I tried to find the right visual metaphor for that,” he explains. “I had a rough idea – me trying to join a band; the band not having it – which the video’s director Jonathan Frey (who shot my video for Out of Love as well) really helped me flesh out. Together we came up with this little story about the new kid in town who desperately tries to fit in until he realizes that he already has what it takes – all he has to do is own it.” Watch it in full below.

Nobody EP is out March 23

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Sam Himself plays at Sidewinder on Thursday, March 14 during SXSW in Austin, TX



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