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by tom johnson

Indicative of music’s ability to drag entirely out of our standard passage through a day, Rhain’s new track, ‘Josephine‘, is consuming, all-encompassing deviation from the norm – and a rather breath-taking one at that. Following on from ‘Humdrum Drivel‘, which captivated so many upon its release earlier this year, the new cut comes from the same session as said track and casts a similarly eerie spell.

Led, of course, by that most engrossing of vocal wails, that comes tinged with all manner of influences, from Joanna Newsome to Kate Bush and beyond, while still maintaining a striking sense of singularity, ‘Josephine’ is decidedly eerie: “What kind of blood do you bleed? Because all I can taste is metallic lustre and my belly feels with greed,” she purrs, alongside comparably sinister admissions. Such flamboyant tellings can often feel overdramatised, but Rhain handles the whole thing with a patently human heart and it’s that which leaves such an imposing, such a dramatic, impression.

Check out some festival tour-dates below, including End Of The Road and a special show at Cecil Sharp House with Lucy Rose, and be sure to listen to the new song right here:

2016 shows:

23/07/16 – Obelisk – Deer Shed Festival
24/07/16 – Nebula – Bluedot Festival
29/07/16 – Big Blue – Farm Festival
12/08/16 – Floating Lotus – Boomtown Fair
02/09/16 – Tipi – End of the Road Festival
08/09/16 – Cecil Sharp House w/ Lucy Rose



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