Words by Matt Yau

Last year, a sizeable stir was created when London four-piece Mt. Wolf released their debut EP Life Size Ghosts; and with the new Hypolight EP now glazing ears around the country, the hype is only ever going to swell. The opener eases you in with a poignant track that sounds like it could have come off a Daughter album; the subtle composition allows Kate Sproule to take control of the track with expressive vocals that leave you pensive. Life Size Ghosts may have been guilty of using too many filters in attempt to force the emotion in Sproule’s voice but ‘Veins’ really highlights the fantastic range in her voice. All the while, you’re being serenaded by twinkling guitars and ambient synths that do little to shake off their ‘dream-folk’ label.

At the peak you have ‘Shapeshift’, a track that’s more instrumental-heavy. The warping beat throbs throughout while droning undertones provide discreet textures. Layers drop in and out at will filling the soundscape with delicate details but Sproule still manages to find a gap through the slow-motion avalanche and bellow tenderly. It’s a track that’s hungry for attention and leaves you feeling that this is the direction they are heading towards. On the pared-back cover of Usher’s ‘Climax’, there’s plenty of time to reflect and wonder, if not on the direction Mt. Wolf will ultimately take, then on the direction you yourself might take. Because Hypolight has that effect; one of serene wistfulness.


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