Mother Evergreen

by Mother Evergreen


by tom johnson

Just as waves recoil to leave cracks and wedges in previously perfect banks of sand, so the the summer seems to departs with a wake of agitation and unrest trailing behind it. Evan Loritsch surely knows this as a native of Chicago, a city that switches from stifling summer heat to the most bitter of Illinois winters. Seemingly shaped by such turbulence, Loritsch’s new full-length, the eponymous Mother Evergreen, is a colourless, faded presentation, seasoned with a substantial sense of nostalgia that underpins every second of this beautiful record.

Shifting between vocal-led emo excursions and melodic, drawn-out instrumental passages, both of which recall the hollow sadness that propelled American Football to supreme heights, ‘Mother Evergreen’ takes the dull passing of days as its inspiration and shapes it in to something consistently compelling. ‘A Newer North‘ starts the whole thing off with one of the record’s more upbeat tracks, but as the whole piece crawls on, a slow parade through monochrome landscapes, the sense of aching listlessness consumes all around; the interwoven guitar patterns, the soft percussive runs, creating a blanket-like atmosphere that again echoes indefinable days lost to the weather and the sad, inevitable, inescapable passing of time.

Best consumed in one whole sitting, allowing the whole thing to sweep its quiet, listless majesty upon you, we highly recommend spending a lot of time with this brilliant record. Stream it in full below.



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