Erin Rioux,¬†originally from Detroit but now based in Brooklyn, has just released ‘Come On All You Ghosts‘; a lovely little organic sounding, pop minded electronic EP via Soundcloud.

Released under his Rioux moniker, the record opens with ‘This Life’ a track comprising of chopped up harps and strings in a very Gold Panda style with a snare led beat and an under laying (further chopped) hum, it almost sounds…dare I say Chillwave-esque? Whatever you want to call it, it’s delightful and a perfect accompaniant for the little heatwave it appears we’re having in the UK currently. With the lighter stuff out of the way, following track ‘Espanto‘ displays the more emotional side of this release with it’s darker wob wob wob beat carrying it through and chopped vocals from Crux singing “Hide you fear but tell me, tell me please”.

Find the Reason‘ the first of three tracks featuring Thurmon Green stays in a similar darker vein and offers a retro twist to the record with the 1980’s style vocals and Phil Spector fashioned production. However, after this it’s back to the upbeat with ‘Halo‘ a stuttering beat led track with electric guitar and electric trumpet buried amongst each other. The final two tracks both feature Thurmon Green again; ‘Constellations‘, an upbeat poppy disco track much more contemporary than the last, and ‘I’ll see you later‘ a one minute eighteen airy, psychedelic number, perfect to finish off such an EP.

Come On All You Ghosts is a more pop-led release from the Detroit native, but it’s still undeniably pleasant.

Words by Tom

Stream the EP in full below;

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