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by tom johnson

There’s an air of wistful retreat coursing right through the heart of Ari Roar’s new self-titled EP that perhaps better lends it to graceful summer reclines rather than gloomy october days. However, such is the strength of the songwriting that went in to its creation, it still manages to feel not only like a compelling addition to the latter stages of 2015, but a completely vital one.

Though the building blocks share a similarity with much of what we tend to unearth via Bandcamp (sunken vocals, hazy melancholy, DIY/bedroom recording dustiness), there’s a brittleness to Ari Roar’s songs that tend to deny their skeletal posturing, lending a warmth and captivating sense of mystery to the magic that is housed deep within them. And let it be said that much of this new tape is indeed magical. Opener ‘Sunburn‘ is a slightly ambiguous starter-point but its follow-up, ‘Glow‘, is a sumptuous pop song, all smart melodies and, well, glowing sentiments that positively shine out of the speakers and in to the forefront of your day.

The beautifully slight ‘Good Meal‘ instantly adds a further dimension, the strikingly evocative intro giving way to a slightly skewed vocal line that again feels instantly mysterious or perhaps just something unexpectedly removed from the norm, like seeing a familiar room fill with unfamiliar light.

The two remaining tracks are equally inventive, kaleidoscopic swirls of colour and shade that actually slip quite contentedly in to the more robust days of autumn than previously anticipated; the lilting guitars and soft vocals a smart and often necessary soundtrack to flat days that tend to hang in the ether rather than stamp any kind of authority upon those lost within them.

The self-titled release is streaming on Bandcamp now and there will be tapes available at future shows for those lucky enough to cross paths. Check it Ari Roar below.

Ari Roar is out now, via Bandcamp.

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