A curiously deviant strain of techno known as “Negative Rave” has reared its sickly head in South Florida – and Miami-based artist Brad Lovett is dominating the scene with his one-man soundscape breakdown, Dim Past. He’s been enchanting club-goers for some time with his array of defunct electronic gizmos (that’s right – no computers), but on July 2nd Florida-based label Other Electricities will release his very first EP, Black Dolphin. This mix of dense, organic tunes merge house beats and techno style with raw currants of reverberating sounds, in effect forming a surreal ambience that’s as danceable as it is engrossing.

The EP opens with the raw, buzzing synths of ‘Ghostlord Masterclock’, which persist relentlessly as the splashy house rhythm kicks in and phantom sounds whisk by. Meanwhile, ‘Spectre in Wire’ soars with a spacey, echoing oscillator and some old-school analog chords while the wobbly bass teeters back and forth in time with the clashing beat.

With the third track, however, we return to darker territories with the decayed ‘Night Shade’ – it pulses forth at first with a slick snare break and a catchy looped sample. However, at 3’14, that loop begins to break down over a dejected harp line, shifting in spastic lurches between speeds, until finally righting itself and returning to its former glory at 5’13. The EP closes with the intriguing “Winter For The Machine”, where blipping sounds bubble around icy synths that would please any Kraftwerk or early OMD fan. They give way after a while to a thick, driving pulse, but return with vigor toward the end, whirring and whizzing around the melody like a swarm of pseudo-futuristic gadgets.

On this EP, Dim Past has already established himself as an inventive, dynamic engineer of sounds both archaic and contemporary. Fans of old electronic masters and dance-inducing DJs alike can find something to savor in Black Dolphin. Dig the track below for a sample of Dim Past’s work.


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