Reddening West – Where We Started

[GFP Premiere]


by tom johnson

Armed with the ability to slow your day to the most affecting of lulls, Reddening West are today sharing their beautiful new EP, Where We Started, ahead of its full release this-coming Friday. Having only formed last year – via a chance meeting, as is so often the case – the new EP depicts a remarkably assured band; one of swooning quietude and occasional blustering grandeur.

Like the long, drawn-out days of Texas that so many of us are left only to imagine, there’s a palpable sense of subtle recline that emanates from every considered dash of instrumentation, every gap left between words. The five tracks here all follow a very similar path but there’s more than enough intrigue in their almost antiquated storytelling so that it never feels tired. On a full-length there might well be more twists and turns to manoeuvre along the way, but here the repeated sense of solitude has an overwhelmingly affective impact on the listening, creating an atmosphere that draws you fully in to the world.

Best suited to one full listen, Where We Started is a gorgeous piece of Americana, and a highly promising one and that. Be sure to make some time for it if you can; chances are it’s going to find you anyway.


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