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Water From Your Eyes

“Feels A Lot Like”


by trevor elkin

In the year since we first introduced Water From Your Eyes, they’ve been busy. With releases emerging unannounced out of the ether, Nate Amos and Rachel Brown’s songs genuinely feel like inspired offerings, capturing a certain time and place in their lives. As such, it has also been an unusually engaging and enjoyable process to observe how their work has evolved and shifted, shaping new ideas and sounds and not being defined by limitations – physical or otherwise. Streaming below,  ‘Feels A Lot Like’ both looks back, celebrating the anniversary of the debut EP,  and ahead to an unclaimed future.

There’s an intermittent warm/cold breeziness whispering gently through these new songs that makes you feel like you’re taking in the summer sea air (even if you’re bedfast with an Autumn cold). It’s an immediately noticeable step-change for the duo and partly the product of their use of a simpler, guitar-based architecture. All 4 songs are based off of guitar riffs sent from Rachel to Nate, so it made sense to flesh things out in a more guitar-oriented way,” they explained, we were listening to a lot more music from the 90’s and the 60’s at the time and that played heavily into the process. It came about differently than the other albums, so we decided to embrace it for what it was.” Opening with the most upbeat of the four, ‘No Place To Be’, sets out that different intent neatly. A hypnotic, ringing guitar riff tingles the pop-pleasure centres, while Brown, with an over-the-sunglasses look (and maybe even a half smile), reminds us “that’s alright” to find yourself alone, with nothing to do or be.

The buoyant pop-dance elements of their music drew in even the most introverted and self-conscious to dance like no-one was watching, so by comparison ‘Never Say Goodbye’ is a rather arresting flip-side; more deliberate and mindful of its affect.  Likewise, the quieter reflections of ‘You Will Always Be Everywhere’ and ‘A Day Deciding’ each deal with some kind of new-found realisation, where thoughts become inseparable from reality.

Adventure has always seemed to be a part of their music, but here on ‘Feels A Lot Like’ it is all the more ambiguous and striking

‘Feels A Lot Like’ is out August 10th, buy it here



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