Shields Confetti Shot

Shields | Face to Face

[GFP Premiere]


by tom johnson

Crowning what’s been another successful year for the Newcastle quintet, Shields are bowing out of 2015 with a wonderful new video for ‘Face to Face‘ – and we’re very pleased to unveil the striking, half-stop-motion film clip for you today.

All bright of colour and twisted of frame, the new video is the perfect side-dish to the accompanying song, mirroring the jerky, colourful meanderings of its musical cousin. A radiant pop song in its own right, all shimmering guitar lines and sparkling vocal flourishes, the intriguing and often resplendent new video bolsters the glowing, almost kaleidoscopic demeanour, pricking at the senses as it unrolls across its four minutes.

Check out the video below and be sure to grab the band’s debut LP when it’s released early next year.

How Can We Fix This?‘ is released on February 26th, via Kaleidoscope Records


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