Valaska | Avant Garde


by Tom Johnson

A drowsy, sometimes numbing experience, Avant Garde is the new single from Chicago’s Valasaka and through its dimmed exterior the track permeates the kind of sadness that you just can’t place. Connor O’berst seems to be the go-to touching point and while that’s true to some extent, when I listen to Dave Valdez’s scorched vocal, and the electric guitar that shuffles quietly behind, I’m reminded of David Bazan and the way he manages to weave beauty from otherwise bleak surroundings.

Taken from the bands forthcoming new ‘Thing‘ LP which is set for release early next year, the track is a subdued but decidedly affecting introduction to what promises to be one of 2015’s most quietly evocative releases. Watch the captivating new video for Avant Garde exclusively below.

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