Tommy Toussaint | Lie To Me


by Tom Johnson

Despite the ceaselessly strong year that Chill Mega Chill already have under their belts, the label are showing no sign of slowing down as we cross over in to 2015. Having already dispatched the ultra rad new Band Practice LP unto the world just last week, they also have the new record from Tommy Toussaint lined-up for a January 5th unveiling.

And the omens look good; née glamorous. Earlier in the week a new track, ‘Holding Cell‘, saw the light of day, a refined dark-edged disco vibe with wistful vocals. And now, we’re very pleased to bring you another glimpse in to the album with the premiere of another new track in the form of the tentatively more upbeat cut ‘Lie To Me‘.

With a vocal reminiscent of Prince at his most chill, the track quietly creeps in to life and then holds its gaze, rarely shifting the pace and tone except when delivering the subtly majestic hook that provides the track with its infectious and chiefly unforgettable chorus. A dynamic and tense three minutes, ‘Lie To Me‘ is an icy cool pop gem and you can check it out in-full below. The album drops January 5th.


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