The Tarantula Waltz

“The Strive, The Strive, The Strive”


by tom johnson

Taken from his forthcoming new full-length record, released on February 3rd via Woah Dad!, “The Strive, The Strive, The Strive” is a track from Markus Svensson who, under his The Tarantula Waltz guise, spent 2016 on the road with fellow-Swede The Tallest Man On Earth who, in turn, helped to record this new track, lending his meaningful gaze and sumptuous guitar to an already impassioned, poignant piece of music.

Laced with that same sense of mystical wonder that underpins so much of The Tallest Man’s work, the track was released in video form at the end of last year, and acts the earthy centre-piece to Svensson’s new album “Blue As In Bliss” which sees the Stockholm artist solidify his live reputation with a collection of songs that positively brood with Scandinavian mystique, before throwing in numerous sonic curveballs across its more rugged and experimental tracks that shape the record most pertinently.

The Strive is something altogether more cohesive, however; “This isn’t really all that there is,” Svensson sings with that signature country croon as the track swells beautifully onwards, like a songbird caught in flight. The full album is out next month; stream “The Strive, The Strive, The Strive” below. Here’s what the man himself had to say about the track:

“I recorded this song with my friend Kristian Matsson – aka The Tallest Man on Earth – in his studio. I played an acoustic guitar I’d forgotten at his place once, he played his new classical Conde guitar that he bought at the Conde workshop when we played in Madrid last summer. I love the sound of them together.

Chrisoffer Roth who produced and mixed the upcoming album “Blue as in Bliss” mixed it and I’m very pleased with the result. This is the least optimistic song on the album. It was one of those songs that just came to me, that rarely happens and it came to me when I really needed it. It was a turning point and it helped me climb back up from the pit I was in.”


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