The Fiction Aisle | Blue [EP]

[GFP Premiere]


by tom johnson

A brand new Brighton ensemble, led by the familiar face of Thomas White, The Fiction Aisle today unveil their assertive first step in the form of the Blue EP – a four track collection featuring the lead track and a hat-trick of suitably absorbing remixes from Acquaintance, JØTA and the mighty British Sea Power.

Since first breaking in to the outer realms of the mainstream world with The Electric Soft Parade, White has appeared in a number of different forms, most notably with Brakes, but also more recently under his own name. Blue announces the arrival of his latest grouping, however, and the track is every bit as searingly sensitive as we’ve come to expect. Shaped by White’s dimmed lead vocal, the track is a nocturnal ode to self-inspection, a darkened unraveling that comes alive under a weighty backdrop of flourishing instrumentation which always treads one step behind the protagonist.

The remixes do a suitably audacious job of pulling it all apart. Acquaintance builds a near nine-minute journey of simmering electronica, the lead vocal compressed in to the ethereal mist to barely be seen at all, while the JØTA re-work is immediately more emphatic, the prominent drum beat taking it out of the gloom for momentary escape. It’s perhaps the British Sea Power remix that feels most at home; a slow-crawl implosion of brass and wearisome undertones that drags its jaded disposition through six affecting minutes.

The Fiction Aisle will release their debut album, Heart Map Rubric, later this winter but for now we’re very pleased to bring you an exclusive full stream of the new EP below.

The Fiction Aisle play London on Thursday with Prince Vaseline and Flights of Helios.

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