Whistlejacket | What I Ate on Sunday [EP]

[GFP Premiere]


by tom johnson

While much of Whistlejacket’s new EP is formed around swathes of roaring guitar noise, there is more than enough in and around that signature staple to make this new release both highly infections and often endearing. Recorded, for the first time, with Rory Atwell, the producer brings out the best in the London quintet, shaping their sound in to something more refined and melodic compared to what came before.

Lead single ‘Stay-N‘, which dropped in that pre-Christmas rush, remains a thoroughly inspired slice of shoegaze-y noise rock but it’s perhaps the moments when they deviate away from that style when they feel at their most embracing; the solid buzz of ‘American Girls‘ melodic sway and the laid-back drone of opening track ‘Holiday‘. It’s a hugely strong effort across the board, however, and we’re very pleased to bring you a full stream of the EP from today. Check it out below; here’s what frontman George Matheou had to say about it all:

“We’re so excited for this EP. Until now everything we’ve put out has been very much isolated, recorded on GarageBand and mixed the same way. Recording with Rory Atwell was amazing, he really understood the sound we were going for and how to get those sounds in a much more accomplished way than when I produce. What’s great is that the EP definitely sounds like us but just much better. Clearer and more refined. I hid behind effects a lot when recording myself, especially with the vocals, and having someone involved from outside the band, and outside my head, meant that it was mixed from a neutral perspective, unbiased and not embarrassed or shy. We really enjoyed making it and hope that people enjoy listening to it.”

What I Ate On Sunday is released on February 5th.

Whistlejacket support Yuck at the Moth Club on Feb 27th.

They play their EP launch party at Cave Club (also Moth Club) on March 19th.



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