Apology Plant” EP


words by tom johnson

photography by nick dinatale

I’m sure the physical distance between us and Boston only furthers the romantic notions we have of the city’s current music landscape, but it’s fair to say that the past couple of years have been a wonderfully prolific time for the DIY/underground scene. It’s probably also fair to say that the Disposable America label has been a key figure in such flourishment. The latest release on their ever-impressive roster is suitably affecting; a crunchy, formidable new five-track EP from Lilith; released on Friday but streaming in full on these very pages from today.


An formidable slice of guitar-pop, the “Apology Plant” EP begins with a manifesto of-sorts. Opening track Loaded is a “pep talk and reminder to gracefully handle criticism and rejection with poise,” Hannah Liuzzo told The Le Sigh at the end of last year. “Be receptive enough to know which critiques are of value, be resilient enough to know which to write off,” she continued.

Such sentiments are indicative of Lilith’s craft, the trio peppering their songs with lyrical nuggets that leap out like small forces of good to steer you through whatever wall you find yourself up against next.

Perhaps the most endearing aspect here is the band’s ability to balance the rough and the smooth. As with much music of this ilk, there’s a sense of vulnerability running through the whole thing, like the walls might fall away at any given moment. Such feelings are balanced throughout by a heartening and sweet sense of grace, however, tied to the EPs standing as a document of self-worth and self-progression in a world that so often hampers both of these things.

As far as the music itself is concerned, Apology Plant is beautifully melodic. With just those three spinal tools to play with, they create a playful backdrop; a kind of garage-pop aesthetic that’s brought to life as it steps in to the fresh air of the day and positively gulps it down. Liuzzo’s voice is chief protagonist; her dusty tones dipping and diving alongside the bursts of guitar that lead each track. Sometimes half-buried by it all, occasionally radiant and out front, it lends the whole thing an almost conversational tone, which adds further fuel to the self-help narrative that runs like small veins through the main body of the EP.

Occasionally fragile, but always sensitive and vivid with its poise and delivery, Apology Plant often feels like a hand-to-hold; a ragged, scruffy artefact that you carry around with you regardless; inspiring and lovable in just about equal measure. Stream it in full below.

‘Apology Plant’ is released on February 3rd – buy it here


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