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Cina Polada‘ EP


words by tom johnson

First covered on these pages almost two years ago to-the-day, our first encounter with Cina Polada was a beautiful accident, a stumble upon a debut track belonging to an artist with very little information to their name, save for an striking photograph and a beautiful introductory track that instantly hooked us in. Far more enlightened in these autumnal days of 2017, we now know that Cina Polada is a Finnish five-piece, led by Hilla’s glorious lead voice and ably backed┬áby Tatu, Teemu (her two brothers), Tony and Nita, and while there’s certainly still an air of mystical wonder to the band, they’re taking a bold leap in to the spotlight with the unveiling of their glorious new self-titled EP; one that we’re very pleased to unveil right today.

Pieced together from five sumptuous tracks, that aforementioned mystical element is an important factor in what makes this EP such a relentlessly impressive undertaking, that underlying sense of Nordic charm adding even greater intrigue to Cina Polada’s heady lofi-ish dream-pop gems. Led by lead track “Gloom”, which makes for a gloriously woozy anthem to the lingering memory of summer, Hilla’s voice as enigmatic as ever before, and driven forward by a radiant burst of guitars that, unlike the listener, never once cast a solemn look over their shoulder.

Of the two tracks yet to be released from the EP, ‘Lost In The Haze’ and ‘Wait’ follow similar paths as each other, the swooning romanticism, so effortlessly conjured up, leading both songs through decadent landscapes that drift, and recline, and then burst in to crisp focus, like a flip-book of personal recollections that every once in a while lingers on something that deeply resonates, before it suddenly disappears again.

Smart but charming, wistful but immediate, Cina Polada have crafted something very special here; five-tracks of vibrant guitar-pop that, while initially lending themselves to summer hedonism, find a way of digging in to the deeper, colder, more solemn moments of the year to add a little glimmer of light and magic that wasn’t previously present. A vivid, and often beautiful collection of songs, you can stream the whole thing below right now. Check it out:

Pre-order the new EP here, via Strangers Candy



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