Pinact | Anxiety


by tom johnson

Glasgow-duo Pinact were always one of Scotland’s brightest hopes, at least since we first heard them on a sparkling split release with Min Diesel that came out courtesy of the great Cool Your Jets label in the tail-end of 2013. There’s hasn’t been too much from them in the time since then, aside from a split 12″ on Art Reeks, but it’s finally time for the release of their debut album, and ‘Stand Still And Rot‘ is scheduled for release this May via the bands new home, the always-brilliant Kanine Records.

Led by the bands synonymous growling guitar and wonderfully slack vocal calls, brand new track ‘Anxiety‘ which is premiering below, achieves that much-needed objective of satisfying existing fans while no doubt engaging a fare-few folks along the way. Brazen in its ceaseless stride, the track tears through its two-and-a-half minutes, a restless swarm of guitar-and-drum instrumentation and a Corrie Giles infectious voice which drags itself through a series of confessional diatribes that act as the tracks wheezy but strengthened heart. Check out the track below as well as the last of their recent tour dates.

Stand Still And Rot is released on May 19th, via Kanine Records

Live dates:

February 25 Montague Arms, London, England
February 26 Star and Garter, Manchester, England
February 28 13th Note, Glasgow, Scotland


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