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Sara Lov | One In The Morning

[GFP Premiere]


by tom johnson

While there’s certainly much to be said for living and working in the moment, there’s also triumph to be found in the drawn-out process and search for preciseness. Sara Lov spent nearly four years piecing together her new ‘Some Kind Of Champion‘ LP and the result is the kind of exactitude one assumes you always hope comes from such a meticulous approach to creativity.

Premiering below, ‘One In The Morning‘ is a simmering example of what lies ahead. A sumptuously smooth piece of pop music, the track hangs in the breeze, held in place by Lov’s sublime lead vocal which carries every ounce of attached emotion in the palm of its hand. The album itself was produced by Zac Rae of Death Cab For Cutie, and there’s a real sense of said band’s honest sincerity permeating throughout the new track. Also featuring collaborations with former band mate Dustin O’Halloran, as well as Hauschka, Scott Leahy, Ed Maxwell, Zac Rae, Cedric Lemoyne & Jonathan Price, one might expect an overtly multiflurous and busy affair, but if there’s one thing the new track does best it’s to highlight the magnetic, lonesome purity of Lov’s voice, and the special kind of sanctitude that comes with it.

A hushed telling in the bare light of the day, you can check out ‘One In The Morning’ below.

Some Kind Of Champion LP is released on October 30th, via Pledge Music


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