Saint Corsair – PressPic 2016_1400

Saint Corsair | Brushes Like A Fox

[GFP Premiere]


by tom johnson

Like some burned-out meeting of polar opposites, informed by all the push and pull that comes with such encounters, the new track from LA’s Saint Corsair is part opulent pop song and part languid, withdrawn nightly mumble – and it makes for a consuming and stirring three minutes or so.

Lifted from a new tape, which is released next month via the ever-reliable Furious Hooves label, ‘Brushes Like A Fox‘ is an often-lovely introduction, all spacious, colourful, instrumentation that on its own might come across as a wholly jubilant undertaking, but instead sags at the middle, the joyful noise anchored by a raw and sobering voice at the heart of it. The whole five-track EP follows a similar pattern and it makes for a compelling listen, a kind of solemn meander that retains and holds on to something decadent and charming throughout.

Velvet & Soil‘ is released on February 19th (pre-order link below) and you can stream ‘Brushes Like A Fox‘ below.

Pre-order the cassette here


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