(Woods Sessions)

words by sammy maine

photography by tonje thilesen

After the sudden, unexpected death of her father, Lucie Murphy wrestled with her own existence. Bewildered and dolorous, she attempted to continue life as normal: living in her apartment in Brooklyn, going to work every day, drinking coffee in the local cafe. As the days blurred into one, it became more difficult for Murphy to distinguish her life before and after her father’s passing. A long, difficult winter ensued. After months of devastation and shock, Murphy reemerged, armed with a vigorous creative energy. Life is fleeting and the New York native wasn’t about to let it pass her by. 

Releasing the Poise EP at the tail-end of last year, Murphy returns with new song “Vestiges” and news of a full-length album. Filmed in Vermont in August, “Vestiges” is the first taste of the Woods Sessions – a series of live videos performed by Murphy and her band: Sam Skinner (guitar), Theo Munger (drums), Mike Dvorscak (bass) and Stella Kortchmar (keys). 

Marking a distinct change in direction from her previous releases, “Vestiges” ruminates with a slow-burning, textural drone. Murphy’s playful vocal arrangement and Munger’s groove coexist with devastating lyrics; where fragments of her father’s memory linger in his possessions at her apartment and she mourns the loss of her future child’s grandfather. Depicting the very real – and unpredictable – nature of grief, “Vestiges” presents liberating movement among the devastation. There’s hope in the blue sky beyond the crow’s wings after all.

Speaking of the new direction for Poise, Murphy says: “I wrote the songs in the wake of my father’s death, after months of initial devastation and shock. I came to realize how short and precious life is, which invigorated me more than ever to create and succeed as an artist. As a result, these songs celebrate life as much as they mourn the loss of it.” Watch the breath-taking session below:

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