Darren Hayman | Nuns Run The Apothecary

[GFP Premiere]


by tom johnson

The most quintessential song title we’ve heard for a while, ‘Nuns Run The Apothecary‘ is the brand new track which marks the return of indie stalwart Darren Hayman – and it’s the first to be heard from his forthcoming new album ‘Florence‘ which will be released in November of this year via Fika Records.

A somewhat solemn strum, the new track finds Hayman in reflective mood, his dimmed vocal set only against an acoustic guitar and slender embellishments. It’s left to the lyrics to tell the whole story, and in that respect Hayman has always achieved, his tender storytelling presenting the kind of song you instantly find yourself lost in despite not having any grasp on either people or place.

A quiet return then but one which bodes well for the new record inasmuch as it sounds like a very, very lovely Darren Hayman song – and when has that ever been a bad thing? Stream the new track below.

Florence is released on November 6th, via Fika Records


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