Le Rug | 1779

[GFP Premiere]


by tom johnson

It’s understandable if you’re a little tepid to the news of a 70-track album. We tend to put a big emphasis on quality-control, favouring short, considered releases to a huge stockpile of material. Such hesitations can be dutifully tossed aside in the case of Le Rug, however, as ‘1779‘ is another firm, intoxicatingly brash slice of garage pop that adds further weight to his bloated collection of songs that is set for release on November 20th via Fleeting Youth Records.

While said tape contains a “44-song album with a short song dedicated to each US President“, new track 1779 deals in something far more muscular, a near four-minute brazen display of chugging guitars and Ray Weiss’ drunken-waltz of a lead vocal, the kind of guttural catapult that throws in you straight in to the blinding light whether you cared for it or not. Like feeling wildly wasted in the frenetic rush of the day, it’s an energetic and wholly impulsive moment of escape – and you can stream below right now.

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