Laura K



words by sammy maine

I remember when I used to pop into Our Price after saving up my pocket money for weeks to finally get my hands on my favourite song of the moment – “Mambo Number 5,” “Flying Without Wings” and “It Wasn’t Me” brought me the kind of excitement that rendered me unable to listen to anything else on my Argos boombox. Singles are to be celebrated, cherished and devoured and thankfully, Bristol-based label Art is Hard’s postcard club has been keeping that kind of excitement alive.

The club has seen releases from the likes of Abattoir Blues, Bos Angeles and Splashh amongst many others and today, we’re chuffed to be premiering their latest offering, ‘Apologise’ – an understated, thoughtful banger from Tigercat’s Laura K. Ruminating on the kind of endless mind games we play with ourselves when emotionally invested in a relationship, Laura K’s lyrical vulnerability offers a poignant reflection. Backed by simple percussion and keys, sonically ‘Apologise’ is sweet and almost nurturing, allowing this poignancy to feel freeing, beautiful and reassuring.

“The song is about being insecure and anxious in a relationship; having negative thought patterns – not knowing if problems are real or in your head…classic!” she says of the song. “It’s also about not being sorry for your feelings.” That’s perhaps the biggest take-away from ‘Apologise’ – it’s simple but bold affirmation in believing yourself and putting your feelings first marks the track as an intrepid exploration in self-love. By highlighting our insecurities, Laura K’s universal declaration makes us all feel a little better in the process; you can listen to it below.

‘Apologise’ is out now on Art is Hard

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