Laura Groves

“Foolish Game”


words by tom johnson

Laura Groves has spent the past decade taking her time. With her first project, Blue Roses, she released a debut album in 2009, via XL, at the age of 21. It skirted with the mainstream but was never followed up. Returning under her own name with a pair of brilliant EPs in 2013 and 2015, released via DEEK Recordings, Laura once again took a step back into the shadows, but thankfully returns once more this winter with another wonderful piece of work.

Arriving via her new home at the Bella Union label, A Private Road EP is as icy and enigmatic as ever before. New track “Foolish Game”, which is streaming below here from today, is indicative of its unlit magic, Laura’s bewitching voice guiding us through a late-night cityscape, all shadowed strangers and dark unexplored corners. “Not going to hear your voice in a long time,” she sings with ambiguous mystery over cool stabs of percussion, amid waves of warbling guitars and synths.

‚ÄúThis record, made mostly on my own, became both a channel for the expression of an inner world and an imagined soundtrack to my physical journeys through the city,” Laura herself says of A Private Road. “It is rooted in the stories, atmospheres, mistakes and wrong turns, desires and layers of meaning that run through and play out in the landscapes we inhabit.”

Seemingly informed by her soundtrack work that she’s explored in more recent years, the mood she concocts here is utterly enticing, the warmness of her voice drawing in the listener, while the instrumentation quietly wraps around, stealthily but full of purpose, a thick fog silently drifting in.

The full EP is released on December 4th, and you can watch the new video for “Foolish Game” below right now.


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