King Hannah

“Meal Deal”


words by tom johnson

photograph by lucy mclachlan

Right at the tail-end of this strangest of summers, Liverpool duo King Hannah announced their arrival with their sprawling, spellbinding debut track Crème Brûlée. Moody and mysterious, the song felt like the start of something special; a six and half minute journey through a dark, precariously balanced landscape that eventually opened out into a rugged guitar solo that felt truly invigorating.

Some six weeks on from that release, with the reverberations still ringing into this new season, the band return today with both a new song “Meal Deal“, and news of their debut EP, Tell Me Your Mind And I’ll Tell Your Mine, which will be released November 20th via City Slang Records.

Streaming here below from today, “Meal Deal” is suitable rowdy and rambling, following a similar blueprint to “Crème Brûlée” in the way those shaded opening minutes once again give way to waves of noisy guitar-led instrumentation. This time, however, the song runs on for nearly eight minutes, Hannah Merrick’s casual croon almost lulling the listener into a false sense of security before the song swings its heavy hammer blow.

Speaking of the song’s accompanying video, Hannah says: “We had the pleasure of shooting Meal Deal at the beautiful and iconic Playhouse Theatre, Liverpool, which Craig directed, shot and edited. We wanted to utilise the unique space we had, it’s such an old theatre with all these unsettling green corridors and dark corners, which complement the moodiness of the song really well. We also wanted to make it theatrical, and so the stage, spotlights and empty auditorium became a location that the video could build towards, almost like a finale. Hopefully it has that indie, homemade feel with a touch of drama and suspense.”

In sound and vision, it is, once again, magnificent; a teasing, tumultuous whetting of the appetite ahead of what promises to be a very special debut indeed. Read more about that release here and be sure to watch the new video below right away.


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