Horror Movie Marathon

“Las Vegas”


words by gold flake paint

photo by daniel kim

Brooklyn’s William Rutledge revels in the darkened corners of the world. Ruminating on eerie aspects of our every day, “Las Vegas” is a frantic, heady escapade that transforms anxiety into a cinematic narrative – one that chronicles loneliness and despair with a forced smile.

Peeling back the plastic of our artificial, suffocating surroundings, the track tackles vulnerability with an orchestral flair. Keys stomp and swell through hallways, sparse percussion soars as Rutledge becomes exasperated with his environment, while a merciless solitude bubbles underneath. In our current climate, “Las Vegas” is an anthem that highlights the frightening disposition of the modern age. It tells us monsters are real, and they could be living next door.

This frenzied temperament is the first taste of his debut album Good Scare. It’s a dizzying introduction that solidifies Rutledge’s ability to capture today with an exposed, theatrical despondency. This rich, spirited anthem is a no-holds-barred depiction of a modern-day tragedy, sewed together with existential woe and absurdity.

Check out the nightmarish video below.


Good Scare is out October 18, via Beachball Records.


Horror Movie Marathon shows:

23rd August – ALPHAVILLE, NY with The Glow, Why Bonnie & Long Neck

25th August – THE STATE HOUSE, CT with Queen Moo, Old Self & Laura Laura




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