Gláss | You’re Not Real

[GFP Premiere]


by tom johnson

There’s something really satisfying, not to mention captivating, regarding the way that Gláss’ single ‘You’re Not Real’ tumbles on for near six minutes. The two components, that being the scorched lead vocal and the singular guitar refrain, take it turns to lead the way, occasionally bouncing off each other but more or less fighting for the spotlight, shaping and then reshaping the path that this rather brilliant track takes.

Following on from their Stereogum-heralded previous track, the Athens-based trio deliver another brash and polarising moment of icy retreat on this latest cut from the band’s forthcoming debut album. The Accent LP will be out February 5th, via Post-Echo, so you’ll have to wait until then to find out what else the trio have in their locker, but ‘You’re Not Real’, which is premiering below from today, holds more than enough intrigue and immersive sway to see you good until the record’s full release.

There’s a ghost in me” purrs that stormy lead vocal, a shadowy depiction of nightly lusts and loathing that seems to come in waves, as the track builds towards its powerful, combative crescendo, the kind of swarming finale that positively begs you to turn the whole thing up and listen again. Dramatic and enveloping, you can listen to the new track below right now.

Accent is released on February 5th, via Post-Echo


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