Eternal Summers | Honey

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by tom johnson

We’re approaching the time of year when the idea of an eternal summer might not be the most prevalent desire. It’s at this point in time when we usually get a small pining for the fall of autumn, for new colours and smells, for a changing of the wind, This year is different, however, with the summer passing by in such inconspicuous shape and form. This year we crave for more, this year maybe we do wish it could last forever. Which makes it a more than appropriate time for the return of Eternal Summers, graced as they are by both name and disposition, to withstand climatic boundaries and instead fill the day with all manner of colour and gleaming sentiment.

New record Gold & Stone arrives next month, once again via Brooklyn’s Kanine Records, home to the likes of Pinact and Fear Of Men. A UK tour follows too, and you can find the dates in the link below. Today though we have a glimpse in to the bands latest creation, a simmering portion of the new in the form of ‘Honey‘, a bonus track lifted from the UK edition of their new LP. Somewhat refined in its delivery, the track acts as simmering vehicle for Nicole Yun’s sumptuous lead voice to casts all kind of amiable spells.

Bestowed as a bonus track, it’s difficult to know how indicative the track is of the new LP, but armed with that knowledge we can simply take it as it is; a standalone moment of lavish guitar pop to guide you by the hand through the rest of our seasonal reflections. Use it wisely.

Of the new track, Nicole had this to say:

I used to pride myself on writing cryptic lyrics that were so vague that a person could believe the song was about anything they wanted: love, money, their dog, a sandwich.  I realized I rarely wrote about a love relationship explicitly and I would never ever ever use the word “babe” or “honey” in a song- those words seemed like rock n roll clichés. Maybe it was conscious or subconscious that the lyrics for this entire album are more literal (perhaps more vulnerable) than before but “Honey” is a clear example of plainly voicing ones fears about the barriers in a relationship.  I was sad this particular song didn’t get on the original album, but am excited to still be able to share it now!

Listen to Honey below.

Gold and Stone is released on September 25th, via Kanine Records.

Pre-order it here.


The band tour the UK throughout September with both Surfer Blood and Pinact;

check out the full set of dates here


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