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Cina Polada | Face 2 Face

by trevor elkin


Well, as if we couldn’t get any more excited at this busy time of year (end of year lists don’t write themselves, you know) what should land on the desk but a new and exclusive track from Cina Polada. Hailing from Finland, it is just possible that this magical little pop gem fell from the very sled of St Nick as he did his dry run for Christmas Eve from Lapland.

We first encountered Cina Polada completely by chance, surfing the nether regions of Bandcamp and their quirky lo-fi appealed tremendously – even more so as they were a complete mystery to us after several searches. Nevertheless, ‘YDDM’ made it into our top songs of 2015 as a gorgeous slice of enigmatic bedroom-pop. Not ones to turn down a second helping, we’re pleased to premier new single, ‘Face 2 Face’ and tell you all a little more about the people behind the sound.

Eminently adorable, ‘Face 2 Face’ pulls all the same heartstrings as before, with the husband & wife team of Hilla and Tatu Miettinen the puppeteers. Hilla’s fey, faery lead vocals are still the prominent feature, and now they’re complemented by a full band featuring her other half, brother-in-law and a couple of friends. This is very much a family business and, evidently, produces an all-the-more confident and immediate sound, steeped in the ambience of 80s glossy magazines, taken with a pinch of dream pop. Tatu says “Face 2 Face is about the contradiction of being nervous and afraid in certain social situations, but still wanting to meet up with that someone and get their attention, even if it feels like the scariest thing to do at the moment.”

Cina Polada, you have our attention. Listen below and look out for their debut EP, early next year.

Face 2 Face is released today – download via Bandcamp


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